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Bespoke Packages

Bespoke Packages

Modern Microelectronic solutions continually require many special designs of package to meet ever-increasing performance demands. TWM provide the complete package according to your bespoke requirements.

Package Construction
This group of products has special and ever-changing criteria and requires some careful engineering and consideration of our process techniques. Here are some of the considerations we make:

  • Heat Dissipation - It is vital to have a stable temperature while working with of all these devices. We provide thermally efficient bases or localised heatsinks to transfer heat and provide accurate device positioning.

  • Fibre Reception - This is handled either with custom entry tubes or diode receptacles on the outside of the package.

  • Weight - We use metal matrix materials to combine low weight with high thermal conductivity as well as maintain a low co-efficient of expansion. We also offer other solutions such as ceramic or ultra thin metal bases.

  • Current Carrying - Reduced conductor resistance is achieved by using copper or copper cored NiFe leads.

  • Material Compatibility - We choose combinations of materials other parts to minimise operating stress

  • Ruggedness - We supply planar or circular ceramic alternative to glass.

Power Opt Electronic and Saw Packages

TWM Technology recognises the special needs of these applications and works with customers to provide the best solution.

Sealed and Glass Packages

Sealed packages

TWM has a key working partnership with Vac-Tron, a Spanish glass-metal company. Vac-Tron plays a pivotal role supplying TWM with glass components that seal their packages while tolerating high temperatures and pressures.

As the only company in Spain that specialises in glass-metal, Vac-Tron has become a pioneer within this sector and has forged key working alliances across Europe. Working with innovative companies such as TWM, Vac-Tron collaborates on technological projects that cover every sector from aerospace and telecommunications - to automation and medicine.

Vac-Tron's experienced workforce teamed with modern facilities has resulted in a company with the scope to produce both large and small series, in addition to any type of specific application development. 

Microwave Packages

Microwave Packages

Material Sourcing 
TWM Technology maintains stocks of certified material in a wide range of sizes and can source other materials and sizes usually within a few days. These include: 
• Aluminium Alloys
• Nickel Iron Alloys 
• Copper 
• Nickel, Copper, Steel, Titanium etc
• Kovar (NiFeCo)
• Nickel Iron (NiFe) (42%, 48%, 50% etc)
• Low Carbon Steel (CRS)

Assembly Capability 
To ensure the optimum fit between feed-through and package, we carry out assembly functions on our own-machined metal parts, and can solder over a wide temperature range. While we can use our own large range of DC feed-throughs, we can source Proprietary feed-throughs or receive them free issued by the customer.

We have a facility dedicated to high reliability applications and provide a wide range of different plating finishes. We also supply fully supporting records of deposit thicknesses.

Package Construction
We closely liaise with package users to ensure that the optimum design is achieved. It has to be a design that takes into consideration all aspects of manufacture and meets our performance criteria. We want to ensure economic pricing and the shortest lead-times. Despite our years of experience in using the special materials needed for these packages, we still carefully consider which will provide the best performance with the easiest construction technique. We provide insulation for feed-through with direct bonded glass and join together different metals with a choice of solders, brazes or by welding.  All of these parts are plated to customer specification in our own facility.

Hybrid Packages

Hybrid Packages

TWM Technology supplies hermetic packages, substrate carriers and other components to the microelectronics industry. We have considerable experience in the development and manufacture of high thermal conductivity packages for aircraft, space and other high technology applications.

A One-Stop Operation

  • This meets our policy of providing complete assembled packages from basic materials and components, as we have all the facilities necessary to provide a one-stop operation: e.g. machining, plating and joining.

  • This offers excellent machining characteristics with surface finishes of 0.6mm, achievable due to the correct selection of tooling and machining procedures.

  • This means that features such as recesses, pedestals and through slots, are readily machined with good edge definition and negligible chip out.

  • The plating can be provided with standard coatings such as nickel, gold and silver.

  • This ensures that every package is non-toxic and disposable.

Rapid Low Cost Prototyping

  • This means that Homogeneous complex shaped packages can be machined, thus eliminating the need for costly dyes.

  • These machined homogeneous packages do not require expensive solder performs, ring frames and associated tooling, which is especially useful when low numbers are involved.

  • Designs can be changed at the prototyping stage without incurring high costs.

  • Delivery schedules can be significantly reduced.

Power Packages

Power Packages

We supply standard packages, whether standard tooling or machined from solid. Our designs range from the complex and the innovative to those that fit in with price-driven industry standards.

Construction Materials 
TWM Technology has hundreds of tooled bodies available and can machine metal bodies in our own CNC facility. We use the following stock materials: 
• Kovar (NiFeCo)
• Nickel Iron (NiFe) (42%, 48%, 50% etc)
• Low Carbon Steel (CRS)

We have a facility that is dedicated to high reliability applications that offer a wide range of different plating finishes. We can also provide overall or selective plating, the most popular being: 
• Electroless Ni - AMS 2404D, MIL-C-26074
• Electrolytic Ni - QQ-N-290
• Electrolytic Au - Mil-G-45204
• Electrolytic Sn - DEF Stan 03-8

Package Construction
Package bodies may be pressed, coined or machined, and we provide leads as straight pins, nail head pins or flat-leads with protective tie bar. We can also supply side entry packages with pre-formed leads to minimise stress to glass seals.

Connectors and Feedthroughs

Glass-to-metal sealing is traditionally a fusion technique with the glass melted in contact with the metal parts to be joined or sealed to. Glass-to-metal seals are widely employed in the preparation of electrically insulated feedthroughs connectors.

This technology not only can be mechanically strong, also the glass is relatively impervious to gases, it is a good electrical insulator, it is reasonably refractory and the technology is well developed and understood.
Thanks to the glass-metal seals, the insulated feedthroughs connectors have a large list of advantages.
•    Vacuum sealed connectors 1E-8
•    High corrosion resistance
•    Humidity protection
•    Temperatures up to 650ºC
•    High shock and vibration resistance
•    Thermal shock stability and resistance
•    High durability

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